Our story

About us

Cycling is now cool, stylish and fashionable. Look at a well-designed bicycle, and you find the natural laws of the universe condensed into the most elegant tool.


"Let's bring the joy of cycling back."

Jansen, Founder of Coast Cycles



Our Passion

Today, we believe in bringing to you ergonomically and fashionably designed bicycles that rival bespoke designs of the best in the world. Some say that we are extreme, but we pursue excellence in design and materials so that the bicycles which you purchase from us, are the same bicycles we would gladly ride. ​

After all, Everybody Needs Some Time To Coast.



Ride and rediscover joy  

We make our bikes so that you want to take them out to ride. It’s a simple philosophy that drives us to work hard everyday. From the drawing board to the first prototype to the final production model, we brainstorm, argue, discuss and concur only to repeat the process until we arrive at the ‘perfect’ bike. How ‘perfect’? It makes you want to get on, and ride.  

We proudly work with the following brands:



Browse, ask, then try  

The showcase at our headquarters in Singapore, the showroom is where you will find the full complement of Coast Cycles bikes.   Walk around each bike, look and touch. Take your time. There’s no rush. And when you have a query, our knowledgeable staff will be on hand with the answer. We will listen to you and provide the necessary advice based on which bike you want, why you want it and how and where it’s going to be used.